Easy Peasy Delicous Food!

Don’t know what to cook today? Tired of inventing something new that doesn’t take ages to prepare? Don’t look any further! Browse Easy Peasy Delicious Food for easy, (mostly) healthy and delicious food ideas. I live in Argentina and the ingredients shown in the photos are local brands, but in most cases it’s quite easy to find a similar product in your country.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 😀



Doughless Chard Pizza


I love a good pizza during the weekend, but they are not always exactly healthy… This doughless chard pizza is the perfect alternative if you’re on a diet or simply want to eat less flour products. I used chard myself for both the base and the topping, but if you want you can replace the chard with spinach for the topping and slices of zuccini or eggplant for the base. Easy and delicious!

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Fresh Summer Corn Salad


It’s over 35ºC down here in Argentina right now, so I’m not really preparing a lot of complicated or ‘hot’ recipes right now. This fresh corn salad is perfect for one of those superhot days and can be eaten alone or combined with meat/chicken/fish if you prefer. Bonus: it’s easy to prepare!

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Merry Christmas! Argentinian Sweet Bread


First of all: Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. In Argentina it is the tradition to eat sweet bread both on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve… I personally didn’t like the store bought sweet bread (too artificial), so I decided to look up the recipe. It turns out sweet bread is quite easy to prepare! A delicious treat although it’s not exactly diet proof. 😉

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